Amelia Unabridged: A Novel

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“Amelia never thought that in an instant her whole world would shatter and she would have to live in a world without her best friend. The only thing that ever made sense in Amelia’s life was Jenna and the magical book-world of Orman. When a rare first edition of the Orman Chronicles mysteriously arrives, she knows it has to be a message from Jenna. Taking fate into her own hands, Amelia decides to track the package’s origin, which takes her on a journey that might open the door to more than just answers.

Heart-wrenching in its raw emotion and sadness, Ashley Schumacher writes a story so captivating it will leave her readers breathless and gasping for air through a veil of tears. Amelia Unabridged is an invitation for grief, for longing, and for allowing yourself to let go. With some of the most heartbreaking and honest writing, this story creates a tie so strong that readers will be unable to break its hold. With almost too much emotion for one heart to hold, this book is for the soul who is wandering or searching. This book is your whale in the clouds guiding you to a place where acceptance is possible and fate is miraculous.”

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Author Ashley Schumacher
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Wednesday Books
Publish Date 16-Feb-2021
ISBN 9781250253026 Buy this Book
Issue April 2021
Category Young Adult