Bad Drawer

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Seth Fishman will make readers laugh as he tells them about his idea for a story with a mouse named Bailey who rides Catbird and who saves the kingdom from the dragons. The only problem? He is a bad drawer! His drawings mainly consist of big marker scribbles that look like a little kid did them. But don’t worry! Seth has a solution to his predicament. He has friends who are amazing drawers. In fact, their drawings are so magnificent, he decides that he can trade them for some of his delicious cookies in exchange for them illustrating his Bailey and Catbird story. What a great idea!

Bad Drawer is a creative story that will also teach young readers that it is okay to not be good at everything. With the help of friends, we can all succeed by working with our own strengths. Seth’s illustrations are adorable, and his friends Jessixa, Jessica, Tillie, Ethan, Arman, Travis, and Anna are certainly professional-grade artists who have honed in their style and skill of illustration. This is a fun book for all ages!

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Author Seth Fishman, Jessixa Bagley, Armand Baltazar
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Penguin Young Readers Group
Publish Date 25-Oct-2022
ISBN 9780593385784 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Children's