Classroom Confidence: Georgie Dupree

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Georgie Dupree recently moved from Louisiana to Washington D.C; she was excited to start a new school but worried that the other kids wouldn’t accept her. Some of the students laughed at Georgie for dancing along to the teacher’s positive affirmation; she became so embarrassed and anxious that she felt sick to her stomach. Georgie tried her best to think positive thoughts, draw pictures of her goals, and be optimistic about each new day. With help from her teacher and friends, Georgie learns to embrace her unique personality and find confidence in a confusing time.

This book is perfect for any young child that is starting school or embarking on a new adventure. Author Ceece Kelley has created an inspirational story that will encourage children to face their fears, persevere in challenging times, and be true to themselves. My favorite aspect of this book is the positive affirmations present throughout the story; encouraging children to repeat these words can increase their self-esteem in times of uncertainty. “Georgie Dupree: Classroom Confidence” is full of diverse and inclusive illustrations that will make children feel seen and understood. I highly recommend this story to all children ages four to nine.

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Author Ceece Kelley
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Soaring Kite Books
Publish Date 03-May-2022
ISBN 9781953859129 Buy this Book
Issue September 2022
Category Children's