Cuba: An American History

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Cuba is merely ninety nautical miles from the United States. The histories of both countries have been intertwined. However, much of the history of the relationship between the two nations has been misunderstood. The discovery of America has been misattributed to Christopher Columbus for many years, yet Columbus only got as far as Cuba. Author Ada Ferrer posits that by relying on the “success” of the Columbus mission, the United States justified a philosophy of continued territorial expansion. After Columbus’ exploration, the native Cuban politician was decimated & exploited by their Spanish occupiers. Cuba would be vital for its abundance of copper and sugar. Yet, its abundance of these resources left it open for the imperialist designs of Spain, Great Britain and later the United States. As leadership evolved from corrupt despots to the revolutionary reign of Fidel Castro, the relationship between the United States and Cuba would change almost irrevocably.

Cuba: An American History is a thorough and engrossing history of an often maligned country. The knowledge of the country had been slanted by one sided opinions criticizing Communism, yet omitting the natural beauty, its hard-working citizens and their loyalty to the Castro government. Author Ada Ferrer’s scholarly tome will have many rethinking preconceived notions.

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Author Ada Ferrer
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 576 pages
Publisher Scribner
Publish Date 07-Sep-2021
ISBN 9781501154553 Buy this Book
Issue January 2022
Category History