Dasher and The Sleigh-Train

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Santa, the elves, and the reindeer are getting ready for Christmas. Everything is coming together, until Dasher gets sick. Without all his reindeer to help, how will Santa get the presents to the children? He sees a toy train on the shelf. Will it work? The elves do not think so. That is, not until Santa pours his magic dust onto the train, making the sleigh fit perfectly on top. After some practice, they can make the deliveries to the children and still get help from the elves and reindeer. They fly through the night until the presents are given out. Poor Dasher is stuck in the infirmary with reindeer pox. The group comes to see Dasher at the end and sing him his favorite Christmas song, Jingle Bells.

Dasher and the Sleigh-Train reads well as a read-aloud book. I read it to my three- and six-year-old children and they sat still for the whole book. The writing is wordy in some places. A little extra trimming would help the story become stronger. The reader did not need all the descriptive words about the reindeer or the extra information about Dasher’s condition. I like the story concept. I think it is interesting to explore the issue of what Santa would do if the reindeer got sick. It’s a great idea to use a train as the solution. Kids love trains. Overall, the plot was well done.

I went back and forth on the illustrations. I liked the style. I liked some of the art. Santa and the reindeer were nicely illustrated. Others I thought were not very professional looking. The nurse especially did not look great. I understand the need to make a train fit a sleigh, but truly, I would not have guessed it was a train at first. Ultimately, I think the artistry could have been better.

My three-year-old daughter loved the book. She thought the adventure was great. My six-year-old child liked it okay but thought the pictures could be better. Neither asked to read it again a second time. As a parent, I appreciate this unique take on Santa delivering his toys. However, I would not have purchased the book based on the illustrations. I feel if I had bought the book, it would not be a story I would keep, which makes me sad because I think the idea is so great.

I would recommend this book for children aged three to five years.

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Author E. Dorinda Shelley
Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 30 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 2020-Jul-28
ISBN 0000012920201 Buy this Book
Issue December 2020
Category Children's