Deliver Me: A Novel

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This book is less a whodunit than an exploration of how society fails its young citizens and who is ultimately held responsible. Billy and Dogge became unlikely best friends when they were young. Even though they do not live far away from each other, a highway separates their neighborhoods and their social circumstances.

Dogge comes from a family of privilege and wealth. He lacks nothing but feels like the world is not enough. His family does not care and is addicted to a number of drugs. Billy is the son of recent immigrants to Sweden. The family lives in a small flat and Billy strives to do his best at school so he can get ahead in life.

Dogge convinces Billy to join a small-time drug dealing crew, skipping school and creating mischief. When Billy wants to leave the crew and go straight, the two of them will meet for the final time in the middle of the night at the park where they first met.

This book follows the path of Billy and Dogge as they become petty criminals, while also following the investigation, switching viewpoints in each chapter. Interesting way to examine the social inequality of the Nordic countries.

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Author Malin Persson Giolito, Rachel Willson-Broyles
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 544 pages
Publisher Other Press
Publish Date 05-Mar-2024
ISBN 9781635423686 Buy this Book
Issue April 2024
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller