Down World

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“There is a portal under the school. A portal to the past, present, and future. Marina is still grieving for her brother, who was hit by a train several years ago, but there was no body found, he simply vanished. Marina goes through the portal and finds him there, setting off a chain reaction that could destroy the world she knows.

Marina falls head over heels for a boy a couple years older than her, only he has a girlfriend. Unfortunately, there is no change of pace from other YA novels, so he initially seems to return the feeling. It doesn’t last and she moves on in about a day. None of the relationships seem real, like they’re together for the sake of being together. Marina comments several times that she wishes others would stop treating her like a child, but they’re not. They’re being sensible. Toward the end, the story really starts to pick up, only to lead to what I felt was a disappointing ending.”

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Author Rebecca Phelps
Star Count 2.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 360 pages
Publisher Wattpad Books
Publish Date 30-Mar-2021
ISBN 9781989365595 Buy this Book
Issue April 2021
Category Young Adult