Draw Like an Artist: 100 Cartoon Animals: Step-by-Step Creative Line Drawing – A Sourcebook for Aspiring Artists and Designers (Volume 7)

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Draw Like an Artist: 100 Cartoon Animals is a spot-on book for the aspiring artist. The instructions and format for the book allow artists young and old to draw the animated animals they have grown up loving in a format similar to Disney and other animated series. When broken down, the majority of animated animals can be drawn with simple straight and curved lines. The initial steps consist of simple lines, with additional ones added and others subtracted in five to eight steps. Nine categories of animals are shown, including mammals that are domestic, African, Asian, European, and American, along with amphibians and aquatic animals, birds, and reptiles.

I am a fan of the style of animals shown in this book; the drawings feel nostalgic and happy. There are so many different animals to choose from that you could spend hours practicing and perfecting your drawing skills. I am impressed there are such animals as an axolotl and a Komodo dragon (!) and thankful there are pictures of cats for my eight-year-old; I practiced drawing with her and there were minimal problems following along with the examples. Show off your drawing or learn more than a stick figure with 100 Cartoon Animals!

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