Earth is Big: A Book of Comparisons

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Earth is Big: A Book of Comparisons presents the Earth through a kaleidoscopic lens of quantified comparisons. It illuminates its greatness, uniqueness, and longevity and enables readers to learn facts unknown to them. For example, the Cambrian period is the time period when the very first one-celled organisms appeared on Earth. Also, the Moon is believed to have been created when an object nearly the size of Mars slammed into the Earth. The remaining debris, pulled together by the force of gravity, resulting in the formation of it. These are just a couple of the many mysterious revealed.

This Goliath-sized book is full of captivating illustrations and scientific truths. It spans 48 pages and covers a plethora of topics from the age of the Earth to the temperature of the driest desert on the planet and from the speed of a snail to that of an X-15 rocket plane. The contrasts drawn are nothing short of profound.

This may best be used as a flip-through or pick-and-choose guide. Upper-elementary school teachers will benefit from having it available for students for projects and as an additional classroom resource. It nicely complements the science curriculum of fourth and fifth-grade children and will spark their curiosities.

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Author Steve Tomecek
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher What on Earth Books
Publish Date 07-Sep-2021
ISBN 9781912920341 Buy this Book
Issue September 2021
Category Children's