Edie’s Little White Lie: A Horace & Nim Story

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When Edie Duck discovers her best friend, Kay, is in tears, she wonders why. Polecat Mac has just unleashed cruel words of degradation. He’s told Kay the truth about her singing, that it’s terrible. Edie comforts her and unwittingly gives her the confidence to enroll in the talent show. Edie fears she’ll be the brunt of public ridicule and reaches out to others for help. Horace pleads with the judges to exclude Kay from the event, but they agree to go to no such effort. When the day of the show arrives, the outcome is as expected, but Kay’s response is not. She’s enlightened by the wisdom that trying something adventurous in life takes courage.

Edie’s Little White Lie: A Horace & Nim Story is about friendship, loyalty, half-truths, and risk-taking. Nearly all children and adults have told a “white lie” at some point in their lives, and the outcome is often inconsequential. In this timeless fable, when a slight mistruth is told, a chain of events is triggered, resulting in misperception and hurt. Edie’s words have unintended consequences. However, the animals’ unbreakable bond of companionship enables them to propel through unfortunate circumstances and grow stronger in the end – a valuable lesson for youth. Those between the ages of four and seven will especially enjoy this meaningful text.

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Author Chantal Bourgonje & David Hoskins
Star Count 4/5
Format hardcover
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Hubble & Hattie Kids
Publish Date 2020-Dec-15
ISBN 9781787116993 Buy this Book
Issue March 2021
Category Children's