Fae Child

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Abbie has always been a curious child, so when she discovers a reflection of a boy in the water, she can’t resist reaching out, only to be pulled through into the Otherworld. She discovers a magical place where her most trustworthy guide is the boy from the water, and she is brought into the middle of a truce between the Winter and Summer Courts. While Abbie is gone, she’s unaware that a changeling has taken her place with her parents. Only her father is skeptical as to her true identity, which leads to a surprising secret being revealed.

The story comes to life through the adventure and wonder of a child who tends toward solitary flights of fancy versus playing with real friends. Abbie’s curious nature is the catalyst for her falling through a watery portal and into an epic journey in the Otherworld. She ends up caught between the truce between the courts. The story weaves between Abbie’s journey and her father’s discovery of the changeling, which delves into secrets about her father’s true history. The book is a magical exploration that delves into the fae courts, magical beings such as the Cat, the lore of changelings, and the adventure Abbie embarks on to get home, which makes Fae Child a magical tale for all ages.

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Author Jane-Holly Meissner
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Paperback
Page Count
Publisher Quill
Publish Date 15-Dec-2020
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Issue 22-Oct-2020
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy