Feast of Peas

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“Jiva works diligently in his garden, planting and tending to his peas, carrots, potatoes, and a host of other lavish fruits and vegetables. He sings a catchy, rhyming tune to express his resolute contentment in his activities. When his peas begin to sprout, he takes great care to ensure their safety. Despite his best efforts, on harvesting day he finds they have disappeared completely. With befuddlement and determination, he plants more and builds a fence to deter any possible culprits. With astonishment, he discovers that no matter how many times he plants new ones, they mysteriously disappear. Soon it’s revealed that his trusted friend Ruvji has betrayed him by stealing his peas. Out of kindness and forgiveness, Jiva overlooks his misdeeds and invites him to partake in creating the most delicious feast of peas ever.

This is a whimsical, delightful story by author Kashmira Sheth. Feast of Peas is set in India and is filled with vibrant illustrations that are full of life, culture, and hilarity. Young children will find them both alluring and intriguing. The text is written at a third-grade level, but the story will likely appeal to a variety of children ages five through nine.

The main character is a jovial, hardworking man who quickly turns his disparaging feelings about Ruvji into emotions of purpose. The meal he requests from him leaves them both feeling fully content and no longer at odds with each other, happily chanting “Plump peas, sweet peas, lined-up-in-the-shell-peas…”

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Author Kashmira Sheth
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Peachtree Publishing Company
Publish Date 2020-03-01
ISBN 9781682631355 Buy this Book
Issue July 2020
Category Children's


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