Fruits of the Forest

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Mushroom collectors may be as fanatical as bird watchers, but rather than the sky, the former look to the ground for the characteristic fruit of hopefully edible fungi. It requires a bit of rain to help prod the hidden fungal mycelium to generate their fruiting bodies, which then emerge to attract the forest foragers.

In this exquisitely illustrated field guide to the edible mushrooms of the moist Pacific Northwest, photographer and mycologist Daniel Winkler has assembled a treasure trove of background information for both the novice and the experienced collector. Divided into three sections, the short first part describes the joys and perils of mushrooms, their taxonomy, safety issues, and ways to preserve these specimens.

The primary second segment delves into the kinds of mushrooms termed “Ascomycetes,” which include morels and the much sought truffles. Then there are the “Basidomycetes,” which include jelly fungi, puffballs, chanterelles, and pig’s ears. Finally, the author gleefully concludes with a guide to the culinary use of these collected specimens.

The impressive colorful illustrations that accompany the mushroom descriptions and scientific detail strongly enrich this fungal field guide. It is a handy reference for both the professional and the novice.

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Author Daniel Winkler
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher The Mountaineers Books
Publish Date 01-Dec-2022
ISBN 9781680515305 Buy this Book
Issue December 2022
Category Science & Nature