Healing by His Spirit

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Healing By His Spirit by Geraldine D. Bryant is a powerful autobiographical story of faith and perseverance. It is an honest and open expression of the hardships one may endure and overcome through prayer and devotion. Bryant’s narrative proves everyone encounters hardships but how we respond determines the impact and outcomes of those adversities. As a young woman, Bryant became pregnant as a result of a brutal rape. This violent attack could have destroyed her. Instead, she embraced her child and committed to loving her child every day in spite of the biological father’s actions. From terrifying health scares to an abusive marriage, Bryant repeatedly confronted and overcame difficulties by leaning on God’s love. Through her devotion, she has come to see some of the most incredible miracles this world has to offer. From raising a beautiful, healthy daughter to sharing intimate moments with her mother to traveling extensively around the world, Bryant has come to see and do so much through the love and guidance of God. Through this story, Bryant reveals “the amazing experiences that ultimately happened to me…it is my responsibility to share my Christian faith with anyone who is open to it; however, it is up to each individual to choose the path which they believe to be relevant in respect to their own spiritual journey.” Bryant’s story and testimony are personal and authentic. It is through her openness that readers really have the opportunity to connect with the author and obtain a deep understanding of her struggles and strength. Through her personable writings, Bryant connects with readers in a profound and sincere way as if to simulate a warm conversation in her home over a cup of hot tea. In this manner, Bryant achieves a level of comfort and tranquility with readers as she discusses a variety of difficult topics, including rape, abortion, marital affairs, cancer, and abuse. Amid these heartaches, Bryant shares her professional accolades and trips to Aruba, Indonesia, and Japan, as well as warm bouts of laughter with friends. Her story is more than pain and sorrow. It’s a lifetime of hills and valleys where she has and continues to walk by faith. Throughout this period, she loves those in her life passionately and fearlessly, pouring out resources whenever she can to uplift and inspire a friend or family member. Bryant’s story is one of living your best life regardless of the cards that have been dealt. It’s deciding to live a life full of abundance. Her narrative is inspiring, and through her book readers will get to know Bryant in such a real way. Geraldine D. Bryant’s Healing By His Spirit is well worth the read and will quickly become a favorite of many readers.

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Author Geraldine D. Bryant
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 184 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 2020-01-07
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue May 2020
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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