Historically Inaccurate

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Historically Inaccurate is about a girl who boards the roller coaster ride that is life and, by the end of her journey, finally finds out who she is. I love how Shay Bravo went into detail about the characters; you get to know each of them. Although the people weren’t my favorites, I really admire the main character’s strength. The book was well written, everything flowed nicely, and I loved the inclusion of Spanish throughout the dialogue.

The story is about Soledad Gutierrez, whose life has been quite unpleasant since her mother’s deportation. To keep from thinking about everything, she joins her college’s history club. This comes with a questionable initiation process involving doing whatever dare the club assigns you. While doing her dare, Sol meets someone who changes her life, Ethan. They develop a trusting relationship that’s shattered when Sol discovers Ethan was part of the group who called the police about the initiations. This could ruin any chance her mother has to get back to America.

The storyline was interesting, even though it did seem a bit flat at times. I think the message Shay Bravo wanted everyone to hear from this book is to be yourself and follow your conscience. I think this is great for anyone interested in social justice mixed with a bit of teen drama. It was not my favorite read, although it shows a different perspective, which could be helpful to many people.

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Author Shay Bravo
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Wattpad Books
Publish Date
ISBN 9781989365373 Buy this Book
Issue October 2020
Category Young Adult


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