How Not To Fall In Love

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Working in her mother’s wedding alterations shop over the course of many years has warped and skewed Harper’s views on weddings. So she can’t help but shake her head at her best friend and neighbor, Jamison, who is continuously having his heart broken. Doesn’t he know that there is no such thing as true love? Why does he invest his heart so quickly and so fully?

His suffering finally wears on her, and she offers to help him keep from falling in love. He’s concerned because Harper hasn’t had many experiences of the dating variety, so she goes on a date with a boy she’s crushed on forever. Soon she’s giving suggestions to Jamison, but she wonders if she’s missing something, something close to home and perfect for her.

While all’s well that ends well (enough), this well-known boy-next-door trope will have readers second-guessing their expectations. Harper’s skewed view of relationships discolors her own, and like in real life, may cost her a chance at happiness, providing a fresh take on a classic romance story. Harper’s dry humor, especially regarding weddings and her mother’s business, provides well-needed comic relief. A great summer read, this one has all the feels.

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Author Jacqueline Firkins
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Clarion Books
Publish Date 21-Dec-2021
ISBN 9780358467144 Buy this Book
Issue April 2022
Category Young Adult