Humor All The Way

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A fun and lighthearted read that will brighten anyone’s day, Humor All The Way incorporates all of the little elements in life and will make its readers chuckle from one page to the next. This book is formatted so that each page has one saying on it. As I was reading Humor All The Way, I would often stop and ponder about what the subject matter was on the page and either chuckle, nod in agreement, or snort with laughter. Although the book mainly talks about aging and seniors and some of the issues with growing older, I found that this book is appropriate for almost any age from young adults and on.

With themes such as food, family, the differences between men and women, exercise and fitness, the pandemic, real estate, and of course the trials and tribulations of gently aging, this book has a little bit for everyone who is looking to add a bit of humor in their lives. There are some one-liners in this book that really need to be shared as well. Sayings such as “The only thing I retain these days is FLUID!” made me laugh because I know this is something that happens as people age and I have heard many people complain about it. There are even some snippets that are a little gross, but nevertheless funny. “Suntan” in particular was gross but funny. It states, “I don’t know what your suntan looks like but mine consist of freckles and more freckles. The freckles then expand to look like brown globs. Not to worry folks, I have faced this head on. I realize I have become a GLOB!” This visual made me laugh out loud. The fact that the author makes aging seem so unpleasant and that these are the truths are somehow funny in itself.

I also really enjoyed the few photos that the author included in the book. These were delightful and fun to look at. It would have been great to see more photos and maybe a few of the author herself.

Overall, I would describe this book as the adult’s version of a Shel Silverstein book–a bit cute, a bit gross, and a lot funny. I would have loved to have seen some Silverstein-like drawings included in the book simply because I could picture them accompanying each little blurb. A job well done by the author. You certainly made me laugh.

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Author Renee Servello
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 174 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 20-May-2022
ISBN 9781957312590 Buy this Book
Issue June 2022
Category Humor-Nonfiction