Ink: A Novel

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“Patty is a tattoo artist. Mike is a bond enforcement agent. Diana reads tarot cards. Crow and Mike work on the police force. And Gayle is a school administrator. When their lives intersect in a vicious game of cat and mouse, their memories are compromised as well. There is someone, somehow, taking tattoos, and memories, from people. Patty knows him as Owen Something. Diana can’t remember the reading but sees his name in her appointment book. The theft is subtly violent in its unexpected assault, leaving each empty with loss and confusion. It will take all of them together to find the one responsible for their missing memories and indelible ink.

This contemporary horror preys on our most precious possessions, our memories, and reads like a Stephen King novel, building a story character by character until it explodes with evil. The contemplation of specific memory loss feeds a terror that is usually associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The climax introduces a fantastical element that may seem out of character for the story but, hey, if someone can steal tattoos with the associated memory, then surely other things of fantasy could happen too. That beautifully dark cover delivers spine-tingling, spooky fun.”

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Author Jonathan Maberry
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 464 pages
Publisher St. Martin's
Publish Date 2020-Nov-17
ISBN 9781250765888 Buy this Book
Issue March 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller