Invincible Ink

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Invincible Ink, Poems by Don Gutteridge is a witty collection of work that will amuse and enflame every reader. Gutteridge writes with a whimsical style on a variety of topics from church and God to young love and the nonsensical happenings that accumulate throughout the day. He takes readers on a journey through his thoughts, encapsulating emotions and encounters in embroidered language long forgotten and overlooked. Readers will adore how he writes “… and though I have no heart/ for what Winter brings,/ I remain steadfast/ in my belief that Spring will glide/ into bloom on welcoming wings.” His words carry such meaning and elicit a memory with a movement or sign. Some pieces bring a beauty to the mundane, a whimsy to the simplistic. Other writings intend to capture an emotion and make the reader smile or ponder. Each piece speaks to a moment or person that is almost familiar, like a dream that slips just beyond our reach after we wake. Readers will find themselves imagining Mrs. Bradley on her front stoop marooned and wondering about the unfortunate end to Gutteridge’s poor dog Mooch. His poems are succinct and engross the reader in this other world. Seamlessly, the author pulls readers into his world of quirkiness and quaintness. There we explore an amusing and at times befuddling interpretation of daily interactions and encounters. An inspired world described by a thoughtful eye with imaginative language. There is a timeless quality to the work that makes it fitting across occasions. Gutteridge’s writing style allows readers to pick up reading at any point in the book. In this manner, the works operate independently and collectively, speaking to one another and yet standing all on their own. It is work readers will enjoy in an instance or throughout a quiet afternoon. Given the varying, and at times mature, topics Gutteridge explores, this work is ideal for an older audience capable of appreciating the nuances and implications of different situations. It is certainly a work to revisit over the years, as time and again it will thoughtfully capture the reader. At different times of our lives, it will reappear and enrapture us once more in its splendor and agreeable sense. The ease with which Gutteridge draws the reader into his words and world earns this work 5 stars and a steady position on a number of bookshelves. Invincible Ink, Poems by Don Gutteridge is an exceptional collection of work that will inspire and charm readers for years to come.

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Author Don Gutteridge
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 105 pages
Publisher Hidden Brook Press
Publish Date 15-Dec-2020
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Issue February 2021
Category Poetry & Short Stories