It Could Be Anyone

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Dutch, Allie, Veejay, Ethan, Emma, and Fiona have been best friends since college. When Trevor comes into their lives and starts dating Fiona, everyone is happy for her, at first. Then it turns out that Trevor is a manipulative, blackmailing jerk who has wormed his way into their lives. He has dirt on all of them and will stop at nothing to marry Fiona and get close to her uncle, who is planning on running for the presidency. They all travel to Miami for the wedding, which concludes with Trevor dying from an allergic reaction just after the ceremony. When everyone hates you and each person has a reason to kill you, well, let’s just say It Could Be Anyone.

This was a fun story with a twisty plot. It’s hard to really care about Trevor and it’s fun to try to figure out who did it, when they all have motive and means. There is so much friend drama here; is this normal for New Yorkers? Overall lesson: destination weddings are never a good idea, at least according to thrillers lately, and choose your friends carefully.

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Author Jaime Lynn Hendricks
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 312 pages
Publisher Scarlet
Publish Date 10-May-2022
ISBN 9781613162996 Buy this Book
Issue May 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller