Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths: From Alexander to Hitler to the Corporation

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It’s been said that history is written by its victors; however, that is no longer the case. Dr. Joseph N Abraham, MD brings a vital examination of history in his book, Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths: From Alexander to Hitler to the Corporation.

While not necessarily in historical order, Abraham hones in on his thesis, which follows a direct line of thinking: conquest is murder and theft; conquerors are vicious criminals; vicious criminals become kings; kings designed civilization, and we are the products of that civilization. Titles such as “king” vary and change and Abraham argues the collective mindset of blind obedience to this structure upholds said structure. It is learning, analyzing, and understanding the people making decisions that significantly affect the masses that are incredibly important.

This is a history text, but it is also a sociological text, as it examines the dispositions of people, those in power and without, as well as deeper examinations of the human race, ranging from genetics, culture, and individual psychology. Akin to Daniel Immerwahr’s How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States, Abraham refuses to gloss over atrocities we as a collective have committed over the ages, and he acknowledges this from the beginning, asking the reader to utilize their imagination to differentiate from fantasy (and very real) horror. As there is censoring, may this be a gentle advisory to those who are squeamish at reading about violence, sexual assault, and murder. But in the same vein as German education mandating the teaching of the Holocaust and the Nazi era, Abraham urges us to acknowledge this past in order to shape a better future.

Abraham is unafraid to confront sexism and other illogical mentalities of humanity. He goes on further to argue that we are a society plagued by selective logic with an analysis of these patterns supporting his thesis. As a biologist and physician, Abraham offers his unique perspective during a time greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He brings a practice of learned anticipation as well as the consideration to and of the dead, speculating on what was lost on us as a whole by their passing, premature or otherwise. This book is accessible to those even with an aversion to history with its conversational, yet intellectual writing tone.

In a time wherein we are simultaneously ignoring experts in their respective fields and blindly following the decree of the proverbial “man in charge,” this dive into history and us as a people is not only for knowledge’s sake. Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths: From Alexander to Hitler to the Corporation is that of negative data, bringing in that which lay unobserved in the shadows to guide us in the light.

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Author Joseph N Abraham MD
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 312 pages
Publisher Hidden Hills Press
Publish Date 01-Dec-2018
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Issue May 2022
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