Laxmi’s Mooch

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While playing make-believe at recess, Laxmi’s friend tells her she can be a cat. She has whiskers, after all, Zoe says. When Laxmi realizes Zoe means the little, dark hairs above her upper lip, she’s terribly embarrassed. She notices hair on the rest of her body, too, and with horror, confides in her Mummy who reassures her it’s normal, that city and village girls alike have them. When Laxmi returns to school, she observes a number of her peers have a “mooch.” In fact, those who don’t, begin to wish they did. Laxmi creates one for each of them, so everyone can sport a “mooch.”

This is a precious book about self-image, perception, and culture. As Laxmi’s feelings about her “mooch” transform from self-consciousness to acceptance, the views of others begin to shift as well. Not only is this reflective of how peoples’ perspectives change over time, but it’s also a concept quite familiar to young children. Their ideals are often based on what others think. They’re sure to find Laxmi’s experience relatable and will be heartened by her classmates’ responses. Additionally, they’ll welcome the light-hearted humor throughout as well as the brilliantly colored illustrations. Readers will even have the opportunity to learn some words in Hindi.

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Author Shelly Anand
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Kokila
Publish Date 02-Mar-2021
ISBN 9781984815651 Buy this Book
Issue April 2021
Category Children's