MacArthur Park: A Novel

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What a treat to find such an interesting and unique story about marriage, friendship, and the intersection of both. The story is told from the point of view of Verna, who is childhood friends with the beautiful, rich, and privileged Jolene. After the breakup of Verna’s marriage, she decides to follow Jolene to California and change her life. Jolene is married to a similarly privileged man from a Swiss industrialist family, Vincent. Vincent is aloof and enigmatic. Verna has always been in awe of Jolene and finds that Jolene is now a famous international feminist artist.

This is the beginning of the remaking of Verna. As we are changed and molded by our friends and family, we may wonder about the cost to our authentic selves. Unfortunately, although the story is well told and the characters well formed, they come to a rather Beaches movie-like ending. Even though the ending is a disappointment given the high caliber of the story, the book is a worthwhile and interesting read.

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Author Judith Freeman
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Pantheon
Publish Date 12-Oct-2021
ISBN 9780593315958 Buy this Book
Issue December 2021
Category Popular Fiction