Marrying the Ketchups: A novel

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Marrying the Ketchups tells the story of the Sullivan family who owns a restaurant aptly named Sullivans. Rose and Bud are the matriarch and patriarch of the family and when Bud dies, the family seems to fall apart. Gail and Kay are their two daughters. And between Gail and Kay, there are three children, Teddy, Jane, and Gretchen. Teddy is the most likable because he genuinely cares about others, however, he is struggling with the fact that his ex-boyfriend Walter is getting married but still wants to sleep with him. Jane’s marriage is falling apart and she is the least likable character, in my opinion, because she is selfish and wants to be something that she isn’t. Gretchen is in a band with her boyfriend Billy, however, their relationship is also falling apart.

I found this book to be depressing at times because there were so many problems with each of the family members. No one ever seemed happy. There was no climax to this book as it just told about a specific timeline in the life of the Sullivans. It was a bit boring and would need something exciting or positive to happen to make it a good read. I’d say skip this one.

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Author Jennifer Close
Star Count 2/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Knopf
Publish Date 26-Apr-2022
ISBN 9780525658870 Buy this Book
Issue June 2022
Category Popular Fiction