Nigel and the Moon

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Each night, Nigel tells his deepest desires to the Moon. He dreams of becoming an astronaut, a dancer, and a superhero. In this private world, Nigel soars among the stars and outshines the Moon. When career week arrives at Nigel’s school, however, he cannot find the images or words to tell his teacher and classmates his dreams, while other students readily reel off their career goals.

Nigel wonders if he has too many dreams. He isn’t even comfortable revealing his parents’ jobs because they aren’t “fancy.” Still, his parents encourage him to dream big. Finally, at the end of career week, when Nigel’s parents discuss their jobs of postal worker and truck driver with pride at a school gathering, Nigel finds the courage to proudly reveal his own dreams.

Nigel and the Moon is a beautiful story about finding the courage to be oneself and follow one’s dreams, even if they are hugely ambitious or different from others’ dreams. While author Antwan Eady and illustrator Gracey Zhang deftly convey inspiring messages about both race and gender, every child could benefit from hearing the uplifting message of this book, possibly repeatedly.

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Author Antwan Eady
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Katherine Tegen Books
Publish Date 15-Feb-2022
ISBN 9780063056282 Buy this Book
Issue May 2022
Category Children's