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Kevin Barton is preparing to bring his daughter and her friend to a track meet when the power goes out. His initial reaction is that the problem is only temporary, however, when neither his car nor his wife’s car will start, the situation becomes more uncertain. Time appears to have stood still as of this moment. The Bartons reside in the town of Harpursville, a small slice of main street Americana in upstate New York. The townspeople are confused about the cause of the blackout and the unknown only becomes scarier as day becomes night.

Kevin maintains an air of positivity as he looks for supplies to shore up his family’s well-being during the outage. He runs across those who look to take advantage of his needs, whether by overcharging him for ice or looking to rob him of his supplies when he attempts to bring his daughter’s friend home. Monica is more inclined to raise a fuss when the going gets tough. She is consumed with fears of supplies running out and her family starving. Monica’s mindset alienates her from her husband and her daughter. Her wandering thoughts also lead her to worry over her daughter’s friend and Kevin’s close relationship.

The spirits of the town are temporarily buoyed as the Army barrels through on their way to larger cities. They leave rations and promise a return. Yet, the town is left rudderless after the death of its political leader. A man named Eli Sobchuk stands up and takes the mantle. Before the blackout, he was a man of middling importance. Eli has a vision of neighbors aiding each other and sharing resources to ensure the survival of the town. Eli also possesses a corrupt mindset that believes that the townspeople should be more than grateful in thanking him. Harpursville is a powder keg waiting to be ignited.

Powerless by Jeff O’ Handley provides a view into how civilization can devolve from bucolic to an inescapable nightmare when chaos reigns and primal urges overtake decency and humanity. The downhill descent into selfishness and paranoia by some is offset by those with an unshakeable faith in their fellow man and woman. The reader will find common ground with either Kevin or Monica Barton in how they adapt to their circumstances. The need to survive has never felt so visceral as each new chapter breaks. Author Jeff O’Handley has written a drama and thriller about the best and worst of human nature when faced with a crisis. O’Handley is a writer of great promise.

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Author Lisa Prodorutti
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Breaking Night Press
Publish Date 24-Aug-2022
ISBN 9781735725321 Buy this Book
Issue August 2022
Category Popular Fiction