Raven’s Way

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Johnny Raven, a former private detective, is out for vengeance. He follows his wife’s murderer to Philadelphia, but he only has a few nights before his target departs for another city. Johnny wants to know why his wife was murdered and who else was involved in it.

Because of the odd nature of the recent murders in her city, Kathleen Morello’s job as a detective becomes quite hellish. It appears that the killings are the result of an animal, such as a wild dog or something larger, albeit more terrible than anything they’ve ever seen in Philadelphia. Interestingly, meeting a former private detective with piercing, golden eyes who curiously believes in werewolves adds some spice to her tedious work.

Is Johnny prepared to deal with the shocking truth behind his wife’s death and is Kathleen willing to uncover unexpected facts about reality? In Raven’s Way, Kerry L. Marzock crafts a suspenseful supernatural story centered on desire, vengeance, and dangerous secrets. Will our rogue werewolf be apprehended before taking another life?

Forget everything you know about werewolves. The creatures in Raven’s Way have distinct characteristics that will take your breath away and keep you captivated from start to finish. I wasn’t anticipating wolfish characters from a werewolf novel to be able to create and produce wings and fly. This, and other peculiarities in the novel, fascinated me. Furthermore, the novel’s comprehensive descriptions, as well as the transformations and qualities of its magical creatures, provided me with a very engaging experience. I enjoyed picturing the human nose and mouth “elongating to the muzzle and pointed ears of a large wolf.”

I loved its sensuous moments and the dramatic sexual tension between its characters, particularly between the human and wolf characters—with poetic words that depict the kind of raw, animalistic passion that pulls readers to werewolf and vampire fiction. Furthermore, graphic details of heinous crimes provide a spine-chilling read that elicits an eagerness to see justice delivered. And seeing a cop and a gifted character work together to find a werewolf adds to the inherent crime fiction fascination. What could be more interesting than chasing down a murderer with a supernatural character who has a great sense of smell and instincts?

Kerry has written a werewolf novel that contains everything werewolf enthusiasts adore and more. The novel gets everything right and maintains a smooth flow that includes multiple viewpoints and offers an avenue to connect with both heroes and villains. If the pleasure of apprehending a vicious killer doesn’t push you to read voraciously, seeking answers to Johnny’s wife’s death will. If you enjoy werewolf fantasy, treat yourself to this fantasy gem! Kerry’s skillful writing is simply too brilliant to miss.

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Author Kerry L. Marzock
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 420 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 02-Feb-2022
ISBN 9781955603638 Buy this Book
Issue October 2023
Category Horror