Reconstructing Inclusion: Making DEI Accessible, Actionable, and Sustainable

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Reconstructing Inclusion is a powerful, action-oriented book that offers an incisive look at diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices in organizations while challenging practitioners to consider whether activities and programs serve the organization in an “accessible, actionable, and sustainable” way. Author Amri B. Johnson is a seasoned DEI leader who has worked in global, multicultural organizations. He offers historical context about the terminology used in DEI work and how they are embodied in organizational policy. Through Inclusion System, the author introduces a novel and thoughtful approach to the practice of DEI, one that is based upon systems and design thinking frameworks. He challenges leaders to deconstruct conceptualizations and practices to reconstruct a new approach to the work of creating inclusive organizations.

DEI work is complex and nuanced: it requires constant consideration of innovative approaches to age-old DEI challenges: lack of diverse representation and absence of inclusive behaviors. As a DEI practitioner, I appreciate Johnson’s care to clearly define DEI concepts to ensure readers have a similar understanding. Johnson’s perspective on DEI is deeply nuanced, as he has had a chance to reflect on his American identity during stints in Switzerland and Brazil. He writes about lessons from ever-shifting identity and social dynamics that impact DEI practices in shaping organizational cultures, while offering actionable recommendations for overcoming resistance and championing change.

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Author Amri B. Johnson
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Matt Holt
Publish Date 04-Oct-2022
ISBN 9781637741887 Buy this Book
Issue October 2022
Category Business & Investing