Scripting the Life You Want: Manifest Your Dreams with Just Pen and Paper

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What is scripting? It is basically writing down how you want your day to unfold. The author suggests making a list of your wants and beliefs, which include some mundane things that you already know will happen. Some or all of these things are incorporated into your daily script. Which is like writing a journal account of your day as you want it to occur. This is followed by an evening entry into a nightly journal where you write down what actually happened. By using the examples and tips, the author gives you should see your daily script align with your nightly journal in a short time.

I love that the author presents a simple way to bring about changes in our day-to-day lives quickly. If you are drawn to the theory of the law of attraction but have trouble manifesting your desires, this book might help. The author writes with a passion and enthusiasm that inspired me to write my first daily script. This helped me focus on the day ahead. However, he does go into a lot of scientific information about how and why he thinks this works, which I’m not sure I needed. Nevertheless, this guide is good at showing you how to incorporate scripting into your life. All you need is a pen and paper.

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Author Royce Christyn
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Inner Traditions
Publish Date 2020-04-07
ISBN 9781644110195 Buy this Book
Issue July 2020
Category Self-Help


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