See You Soon

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See You Soon is a bittersweet story about a young girl experiencing separation anxiety. Queenie’s mother struggles with drug abuse; as a result of her addiction, Mama must spend two years in jail. Queenie is heartbroken and confused by this major life-altering event. She communicates with her mom through letters and visitation at the jail. The end of the story offers hope and unconditional love between a child and parent who are enduring a difficult situation.

Although Queenie is six years old, I believe the themes discussed in this book are too mature for most children under the age of eight. This book would be an excellent resource for a young child with a parent in jail. For the general youth population, this book may teach children about topics that are not age-appropriate. Mama is referred to as “sick” and a “junkie” in regards to her drug use. This can cause confusion amongst children regarding the difference between an illness and addiction to a harmful substance. Parents will be drawn to the beautiful and colorful illustrations in the story, but they should be prepared to have an adult conversation and answer mature questions when reading this book.

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