Shallow Stock

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Wynter McGlynn sits atop the throne overseeing the operations of McGlynn-Lansing (ML). At present, Wynter is facing a pivotal moment in her stewardship of the family company. Her company is engaged in a drawn-out legal contest with her chief rival, Dayton Global Industries. The lawsuit brought by Wynter involves the alleged theft of the company’s software by Dayton. A loss in the courtroom promises further ramifications down the line. Wynter is facing further scrutiny by the McGlynn-Lansing board of directors who believe she is out of her depth. In addition, Wynter is seeking to acquire a company that would aid ML’s balance sheets but Dayton Global is also making overtures to the company.

Julian Dayton is the current CEO of Dayton Global Industries. Julian doesn’t like to lose in business or in life. Despite his current position in his company, he knows his reign is precarious. The ongoing litigation with ML could be decided any day, the negotiations to acquire a new asset are approaching a stalemate and the press has begun to write about him. Julian must also fight off his brother’s attempts to usurp his role in the company despite his father’s wishes for an orderly transition. Julian is all about gamesmanship in his desire to defeat Wynter and secure his position.

Wynter’s future begins to appear bleak as her chief witness in her lawsuit has vanished. A police detective has begun to ask questions about possible human trafficking occurring at the port involving ML’s shipping company. Wynter begins to inquire about both pressing issues as either issue could bring her company down. As she begins to make headway with her inquiries, a vicious assault on Wynter could change everything.

Shallow Stock deftly accentuates the often cutthroat world of the boardroom along with the intriguing inner machinations of family-run companies. Wynter McGlynn and Julian Dayton are corporate heads with something to prove. Wynter is attempting to demonstrate that her assumption of the company leadership is merited and the future is in good hands. Whereas Julian is emotionless and calculating, Wynter shows concern for her employees and their wellbeing. Family is important to Wynter, while Julian views his family as an impediment to his power. While Wynter and Julian are near opposites in temperament and conduct, they possess a shared competitiveness and a desire to be accepted.

Author D R Shores has crafted an exceptional novel that dives into the blood sport that is big business while also examining the men and women who pull the strings behind the scenes. This book is part Succession, part Barbarians at the Gate, and overall a winning read.

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Author D R Shores
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 420 pages
Publisher TBC
Publish Date 21-Mar-2024
ISBN 1738541517 Buy this Book
Issue April 2024
Category Modern Literature