ShBeep the Unique Sheep

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Being unique can sometimes make you an outcast but it can also draw together the best of friends such as Poppy and ShBeep. Two quirky souls find acceptance and encouragement in each other. ShBeep may be fenced in but his imagination knows no bounds allowing him to do anything that he can dream of. One day he meets a girl wearing a pot for a hat and together they go on adventures which includes finding Queen of Sheba’s treasure, making a spaceship, and even joining the circus. The two friends embrace their uniqueness in this charming and humorous story.

Can sheep play checkers? You might be surprised at that answer. T.E. Antonino delivered a story about a little sheep and a girl with a pot on her head by using their adventures to teach children about embracing their own uniqueness. ShBeep and Poppy are quirky examples of not taking life too seriously, having fun, and making the most of our different qualities. The story is a creative lesson in being unique by soaring imagination to life through the wondrous outlook of a child. Their imagination will take you along on their adventures which takes place entirely within the boundaries of the field. Each amazing adventure is driven entirely by their imaginations which takes to extraordinary places such as planting magical acorns in the garden to swimming to Hawaii to joining the circus as a sheepcorn.

The characters both possess charming quirks which balance each other out with a sheep in a top hat and bandanna, and a girl wearing a pot on her head. ShBeep is completely at ease with who he is and this confidence helps Poppy embrace her own unique traits. The catalyst of the story is when Poppy meets ShBeep who teaches her about being unique by never denying his vivid imagination. The bond between them is a great example of how important friendship is through how ShBeep reinforces Poppy’s creativity when the children at school try to dampen it by telling her that a pot can’t a hat and make fun of her pajamas. The writing style matches the quirky and whimsical tone with words such as noggin, and phrases like worth more than gobs of fleas.

The story is aimed at all ages and is one that can be shared between parents and children by providing a way for parents to venture back into their own imaginative youth. Antonino uses laughter and a playful tone to teach a message about being yourself and embracing uniqueness. /ShBeep the Unique Sheep/ is a charming story with a quirky sense of humor and a whimsical message that’s full of heart and encourages children to embrace their unique qualities and imagination.

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Author T. E. Antonino
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 87 pages
Publisher self published
Publish Date 04-Nov-2020
ISBN 979868592987 Buy this Book
Issue April 2021
Category Early Reader