Temple of Eternity

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In Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy, following kidnapping and forced enrollment at a secret Tibetan monastery, sixteen-year-old Bobby Ether discovered that he was one of a number of gifted students capable of accessing their anima, that is, the universal energy that connects all living things. His special powers were soon the least of his worries, though, as there were plenty of other mysteries for him to unravel at the Jade Academy. The book was an action-packed and intriguing start to Bobby’s adventures, which now continue in the equally exciting Temple of Eternity.

This time around, Bobby and his loyal young cousin, Jinx, are shocked to learn that their fellow students at the Jade Academy have all been spirited away during the night by the Core, the dastardly organization that had previously been using the academy and its students to conduct genetic experiments. Rumors soon surface that the missing children have been spotted being led into the Guatemalan jungle by Core soldiers, so Bobby, Jinx, and Chief, who acts as a sort of spiritual mentor to the boys, set off in pursuit of their friends. After rendezvousing with Bobby’s grandfather and his melancholy former companion Cassandra, the trio decide to make for a fabled Mayan temple said to be located in an area of the jungle known as the Green Death…

Unsurprisingly, the search for their friends leads Bobby and Jinx into plenty of peril and dangerous situations, which makes for a gripping read. Their hike through the jungle is realistic and atmospheric; Bobby might have magic powers, but he still has to trudge on through the heat and humidity like everyone else. The warning signs left by the jungle people urging travelers to turn back add to the sense of danger and also lend something of a supernatural tone to the story. There are certainly strange things lurking in the wilderness. R. Scott Boyer has a clear interest in the natural world and its relationship with both life and spirituality, which is reflected in the characters’ encounters with the Guatemalan flora and fauna.

Alongside Bobby and Jinx’s adventures in the temple, Boyer has also woven the tragic tale of a love triangle from the days of the Maya. Although the parallels between the two stories might not be apparent at first, the fates of Maximon, Lingya, and Ek Chuaj are closely bound to those of Bobby and his friends. It’s lucky that Bobby’s powers have grown since his days at the Jade Academy, as he is going to need all his strength to travel to the spirit plane, communicate with ghosts, and right wrongs both modern and ancient. And it’s not just paranormal forces that he must face, because there are also Core mercenaries led by the nefarious Sandman as well as deadly beasts standing between him and his fellow students.

Temple of Eternity is an engaging adventure story with an appealing main character. Bobby Ether is a hero from the same mold as Percy Jackson and Darren Shan; he has fantastical powers, but he still seems very much like a real teenager doing his best in a decidedly difficult situation. This second installment in his adventures is an exciting, rip-roaring tale combining magic, mythology, and action. As Boyer provides a number of handy recaps throughout the book, it is not necessary to have read Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy to understand and enjoy Temple of Eternity, although doing so would enhance the reading experience.

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Author R. Scott Boyer
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 280 pages
Publisher Main Street Read Publishing
Publish Date 2020-09-24
ISBN 9781662902338 Buy this Book
Issue October 2020
Category Young Adult


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