The Book No One Wants to Read

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The Book No One Wants to Read is similar to other interactive books that include the movement of yourself and the book itself. When I checked out this book, I discovered that the target audience is six- to ten-year-old children, but I didn’t feel that this took anything away from adults enjoying the book, too.

The Book No One Wants to Read is ecstatic that you have picked it out of all of the others! After all, this is what every book wants, to be read and enjoyed. The book senses that there might not be the same level of excitement on the other end, so it gives the reader some ways to make reading it more exciting. The reader will interact with the book for a win-win for both the reader and the book; the reader will learn to enjoy a story (possibly for the first time) and the book will have some use.

Reading this book, I enjoyed it from end to end. I read it to my younger kids, who laughed in spots, as well as my husband, who snuck a smirk. Overall, this is a fun and successful interactive book for readers of all ages.

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Author Beth Bacon
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 15-Jun-2021
ISBN 9780062962546 Buy this Book
Issue August 2021
Category Humor/Fiction