The Evolution of Annabel Craig: A Novel

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As a young woman, Annabel is orphaned and must fend for herself by working in a hotel and living in a boarding house. She longs for a better life and then, true to fairy tales, her prince comes along to marry her. He is George Craig, an attorney who takes over a small but successful practice in Dayton, Tennessee. Together, their life is good. It is 1925, however, so Annabel follows the dictates of her spouse and her church in unwavering obedience and belief.

Then the Scopes evolution trial comes to town and her husband jumps on the bandwagon to defend the teaching of evolution since it is banned by the Butler Act. The small town becomes a sideshow of reporters, attorneys, and partisans. With a dearth of hotel rooms, Annabel takes in a boarder: a young woman reporter who smokes, drinks, and freely walks around town. Annabel’s peaceful, proscribed life is challenged by the new ideas and the influx of city folk.

An interesting story taken from American history.

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Author Lisa Grunwald
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Random House Publishing Group
Publish Date 16-Apr-2024
ISBN 9780593596159 Buy this Book
Issue April 2024
Category Popular Fiction