The German Wife: A Novel

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Inspired by the true story of Operation Paperclip, The German Wife tells the story of Sofie and her husband Jurgen, who lived in America in the 1950s after leaving Berlin following World War II. In Berlin, Sofie and Jurgen were protected by Jurgen’s esteemed position as a rocket scientist, although they never supported Hitler or his views.

However, their neutrality came at a cost: after the war, their only choice was to accept a US pardon and move to Alabama so that Jurgen could work for the new American science program. In America, Sofie is hopeful she can escape the past, but her new neighbors don’t take kindly to their former affiliations.

Kelly Rimmer’s books are always well-researched, poignant, and emotional, and The German Wife is no exception. While most of her books are set in Europe during World War II, and there were split chapters on Sofie’s experience in Berlin in the 1930s and early 1940s, it was interesting to see another side of history in Rimmer’s latest book through Operation Paperclip and the continued cultural impact of the war on Americans in the 1950s.

Overall, The German Wife is one of Rimmer’s best works to date.

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Author Kelly Rimmer
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 464 pages
Publisher Graydon House
Publish Date 28-Jun-2022
ISBN 9781525811432 Buy this Book
Issue July 2022
Category Popular Fiction