The Greatest Hoax on Earth: Catching Truth, While We Can

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“Shakespeare aptly wrote “All the world’s a stage…….And one man in his time plays many parts.” Frank W. Abagnale Jr. personifies this quote. He began his grifts at 16, forging checks from PanAm while passing himself off as a pilot and cheating airlines on fares as he hitched rides on planes. He would bilk PanAm out of $2.5 million and continue various cons around the United States, posing as a Doctor, Attorney, and various other personas until he was arrested in Europe in 1970. This is what Abagnale says happened. There are individuals who view Abagnale’s claims as outright flights of fancy, even more fraudulent than the crimes Abagnale has served time for. The Greatest Hoax on Earth gives a voice to the unheard victims.

Paula Parks worked as a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines when she met Frank Abagnale in January 1969. He was deadheading on a flight Parks worked. She sensed something off about the young man. She brushed off his attempts at courtship, but soon he inserted himself into her family after dropping Paula off at her house in Baton Rouge. Soon, he was charming her parents into letting him stay at their house. His career as a pilot seemingly stalled, he told the Parks Family that he wanted to find a job working with kids. The concerns about Abagnale never seemed glaring until his scheming got him arrested. He had been cashing checks under the Parks Family’s account along with a local business. Paula’s parents were devastated at the betrayal. Abagnale promised reform and professed remorse, he received a slap on the wrist and soon left the state.

Mark Zinder was an impressionable college student when he heard Frank Abagnale’s story. He was awestruck with Abagnale’s exploits and taken in by his charm and generosity. Soon Zinder was representing Abagnale and booking him at various colleges to relate an incredible true story about crime and redemption. As the years passed, Zinder noticed certain oddities about Abagnale, but never truly questioned his client’s veracity until a College Professor did exactly that. Allegations were made that put Abagnale’s past in a whole new light, showing his crimes involving suffering victims, not victimless as claimed.

Despite the experiences of Parks and Zinder and the exposes of intrepid journalists, the lovable rogue portrayed in Catch Me If You Can is what the public embraces.The Greatest Hoax on Earth entrances from the opening and doesn’t let go of its hold until the very end. Author Alan Logan has assumed a Sisyphean task in attempting to untangle a web of deception that has endured for over four decades. After finishing this fine true-crime work, the conclusion is that Logan with the help of Parks and Zinder has done an admirable job in debunking a legend.”

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Author Alan Logan
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 471 pages
Publisher Alan C. Logan w/ Glass Spider Publishing
Publish Date 01-Dec-2020
ISBN 978173619741 Buy this Book
Issue January 2021
Category History