The Little Book of Manifestation

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The Little Book of Manifestation is the perfect beginner’s guide to understanding manifestation and the law of attraction. The book starts with a short history of manifestation and what it means. It also gives examples of famous people who have used manifestation. The Little Book of Manifestation is a step-by-step guide to creating your own experiences through manifestation. The easy-to-follow steps make it doable for anyone, and one does not need to have prior experience or purchase expensive equipment to get started. In fact, many of the tools are items that many people probably have already. They include a journal and pen, canf\dles, headphones or speakers, crystals, and sage. Being in a positive mindset and visualizing what it is that you really want is the first step in manifesting.

What I really liked about this book were the different methods of manifestation. From vision boards to affirmations to scripting methods to using frequencies, this book has so many useful methods that can be customized to what your passions are. This is a fabulous little pocketbook with tons of valuable information that could change your life.

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Author Astrid Carvel
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publish Date 17-Jan-2023
ISBN 9781524880231 Buy this Book
Issue February 2023
Category Spirituality & Inspiration