The Measure of Gold

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The Measure of Gold by Sarah Patten is an eloquently written novel with cadence attuned for emotive descriptions and proses. Reading this novel is poetically soothing with a rich historical tapestry that depicted civilian life during World War II.

Protagonist Penelope, a young woman at the cusp of beholding the power of her burgeoning womanhood, decided to uproot her life from Sweetwater, Tennessee, and moved to Nazi-occupied Paris, France, in 1940, shortly after her father’s passing to join her best friend, Naomie. Naturally, she was acquainted with Naomie’s brother alchemist Fulcanelli and his cryptic apprentice Lucien who held the uncommon belief that science could end the war. Penelope developed feelings for the dashingly secretive Lucien. To protect her beloved Lucien and the brilliant alchemical discoveries of Fulcanelli, she trained as a spy and surreptitiously infiltrated at the Le Chambrement brothel frequented by Nazis to seduce a nefarious Nazi soldier to save her love, Lucien.

The Measure of Gold provided more than entertaining magical realism for the reader; instead, it imparted knowledge that referenced the alchemistic maturation of life and the undeniable frailties of the human condition and its numerous flaws via the lens of a young American woman in Paris.

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Author Sarah Patten
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count
Publisher Ashland Press
Publish Date 02-Mar-2021
ISBN 9781735808208 Buy this Book
Issue July 2021
Category Historical Fiction