The Pinocchio Chip

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Photina, who is suspected of murder, is on the run for a crime she knows little about. As an AI, Photina cannot be given the benefit of the doubt, and facing judgment before trial might be the fate of a human-made entity like her. She must stay within the shadows until the truth about the human’s potential murder is uncovered. Meanwhile, Photina learns of another AI that looks exactly like her: Gemini. Gemini, however, appears to be more emotional and devious than her, and their minds seem to be mysteriously linked.

Is Photina ready to face the responsibility of the tough choices that await her as she delves deeper into her adversary’s consciousness and discovers more about the human world? Rick Moskovitz’s The Pinocchio Chip captivates readers with a mind-blowing sci-fi tale about AI and human consciousness. The book is the fourth book in the Brink of Life series.

I never thought I would love an AI character as much as I loved Photina. Photina’s traits are even more intriguing and sophisticated than many human characters I’ve seen in fiction. She contemplates deep questions and thoughts about her existence in the first-person, which prompts the reader to consider intriguing philosophical ideas concerning AI. I especially loved the chapter that reveals that Photina wants to preserve her data from termination and depicts her wondering if it’s “very different from what they call fear.”

Apart from its captivating sci-fi themes, The Pinocchio Chip comprises various reader-friendly, attractive elements, including intense action scenes and heart-racing suspense. The smooth blend of the protagonist’s determination to keep herself from getting terminated and the close calls creates an intriguing conflict that compels close attention and eagerness to see what transpires at the end.

Also, the book thrills readers with a mix of engaging themes: consciousness, dilemmas, philosophy, friendship, violence, rivalry, morality, and more. I found Photina’s encounter with a caring character who strives to save her from getting caught adorable and very inspiring. In a way, Rick uses AI characters to shine a light on great human traits that are worth maintaining even in an age of advanced technology.

The Pinocchio Chip is a must-read for all sci-fi fans and readers who fantasize about a future where living with robots is more widespread and AI is even more advanced. Though it’s in a series, the book is a standalone, and I didn’t feel like I missed anything from the previous installments. Still, Rick’s skillful twists and brilliant characterization have sparked my interest in the other installments. The Pinocchio Chip is just that good. This addictive, skillfully woven tale is a real page-turner!

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Author Rick Moskovitz
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 142 pages
Publisher Fluke Tale Productions
Publish Date 15-Mar-2024
ISBN 9798990163805 Buy this Book
Issue May 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy