The Secret History of Bigfoot

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With all the myths, legends, and stories coming out of North America, Bigfoot has caught the attention of a large audience. From the dense forests surrounding Washington’s Mount Saint Helens to the woods of Massachusetts, reports of sightings have been part of the lore since humans have inhabited these lands. Whether you call it Bigfoot or prefer Sasquatch, the enormous monster has had an enormous impact. In fact, it has become a growing phenomenon. Bigfoot is North America’s monster celebrity, from t-shirts to mugs and television shows to a large selection of books.

The Secret History of Bigfoot: Field Notes on a North American Monster by journalist and self-proclaimed skeptic John O’Connor helps tackle the myths. O’Connor provides much history and many anecdotes concerning this fascinating subject. He travels coast to coast, interviewing scientists, researchers, and experts, and even camps in the woods to discover as much as he can about who or what Bigfoot is. O’Connor is not trying to prove the existence of the monster. This seems to be a passion project for O’Connor. The fun he had researching for and writing this book shows. It is an enjoyable read for any fan of Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

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Author John O'Connor
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Sourcebooks
Publish Date 06-Feb-2024
ISBN 9781464216633 Buy this Book
Issue February 2024
Category Science & Nature