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Owly the owl wants nothing more in life than to have friends, but he doesn’t have the easiest time making new ones. Being an owl, many of the birds and bugs in the forest where he lives are scared of Owly, even when all he’s doing is trying to help. So when Owly rescues a lost little worm from a puddle on a rainy day, his only concern is the little creature’s safety and helping it find its way home. Owly could never have predicted the amazing friendship that would form as a result! In a second story, Owly and Wormy befriend a pair of hummingbirds.

Artist and author Andy Runton brings the popular comic character Owly to life in a new set of stories about the beauty of friendship. This book, Owly: The Way Home, the first in a new series, is a little different from previous Owly stories, as some readers may notice. The earlier books contained very few actual words, but this book changes things up with much more actual dialogue (except for Owly himself; Owly still speaks in pictures and symbols).

These stories are cute and fun, and while they can easily be enjoyed by readers of all ages, the Owly stories are especially great for new readers, and they are an excellent way to introduce kids to the art of comic books and graphic novels.

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Author Andy Runton
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Graphix
Publish Date 2020-02-04
ISBN 9781338300659 Buy this Book
Issue June 2020
Category Sequential Art - Kids


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