This Is a School

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A school is not just a building. A school is a community. It is teachers and librarians and custodians and secretaries and principals and, of course, students, and plenty of them. It is a place for kids to learn to read, to learn to do arithmetic, and to learn to write, but it’s also a place for kids to learn to communicate and collaborate and cooperate and create. They learn to build a garden and plant and care for vegetables they can share and eat. They learn to help others and accept help from those around them. They learn to build and live in a community with people from many cultures and to share in those cultures. This is a school.

Author John Schu has written a sweet book that will help youngsters become excited about the experiences they will have when they start school or at the beginning of a new school year. The writing is spare, lyrical, and tells a fun story. The bright, colorful illustrations by Veronica Miller Jamison fill every page with lots and lots of fun details that will keep little listeners engaged and excited. This is a great way to start the school year.

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Author John Schu
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 29-Mar-2022
ISBN 9781536204582 Buy this Book
Issue May 2022
Category Children's