Unsettled Disruption: Step-by-Step Guide for Harnessing the Evolving Path of Purpose-Driven Innovation

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How do companies successfully adapt to disruption in the market that threatens their existence? Conversely, how do new entrants execute disruptive innovation to serve unattended customers? In Unsettled Disruption, Juana-Catalina Rodriguez provides a methodical guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand the mechanics of disruption, and how best to adapt to changes in value chain, business model, technology, and business purpose.

Disruption happens when new entrants move from the niche and obscure to the center. Rodriguez, a Stanford consultant, illustrates how established companies respond to market challenges by seeing clearly the evolution of the user and adapting a broader perspective. The author shares examples from technology disruptors such as Canva and Warby Parker, while also understanding how well-known brands like Microsoft and Lego demonstrated self-innovation.

The book is written for the busy and time-crunched executive, intrapreneur, or startup founder who would appreciate how information is presented in the book: through short case studies, takeaways, and numbered lists. Rodriguez discusses disruption trends in digestible chunks. She craftily writes for readers who want to get the point right away. Thus, the case studies are brief and straightforward. Rodriguez supports her claims with an extensive list of notes highlighting the journey of how different companies anticipate market needs and confront deadly disruption.

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Author Juana-Catalina Rodriguez
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 230 pages
Publisher Koehler Books
Publish Date 05-Nov-2021
ISBN 9781646634446 Buy this Book
Issue December 2021
Category Business & Investing