Veronica: A Musketeer’s Story

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Veronica: A Musketeer’s Story by Jody Studdard is an action-packed tale full of mysterious lands, magical incantations, and a fearless group of soldiers – the Musketeers. The stories main character, Veronica Espinosa, is an incredible young woman; having come from a family of famous matadors, she has trained with her father for ten years to become a matador herself. Because of her gender, Veronica’s training has been met with extreme opposition from other matadors who feel that a woman’s place is not in a training ring. However, Veronica’s father remains undeterred by their comments; he knows his daughter is more than capable of becoming great. He trains her twice as hard as other young bullfighters, does not let her give up, and instills in her that she is destined to succeed with her outstanding abilities. Her father even tells her one day their will be a statue in her honor, just as there is a statue of her abuelo, or grandfather, in their town’s plaza. Veronica is flattered by her father’s words and truly hopes she will not let him or her abuelo down.

Finally, on her eighteenth birthday, Veronica’s day comes to prove her worth as a bullfighter. It is safe to say that she does not disappoint. Outperforming all her opponents and doing tricks unlike anyone has ever seen, the audience is in awe at her talent and agility. Even the men who were initially against her entering the ring, are mesmerized at Veronica’s swiftness and abilities. Towards the end of performance, however, things take a turn for the worse. Veronica finds herself unable to do an essential part of the act and the response is extreme. The audience grows restless, boos, and begins to belittle her. Panicking, she runs out of the ring traumatized, and does not stop until she is far, far away from her home.

Veronica’s story from here is one I do not want to give away, but as you may have guessed, has a lot to do with the Musketeer’s. A girl who proves herself in countless ways, especially against the men who doubt her, she is a wonderful role model to young women. For this reason, I would recommend this novel to middle school aged readers, especially ones who love stories of adventure and stories with a strong female lead. Veronica constantly shows her audience that bravery is not solely a male attribute; girls can fight and be powerful too.

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Author Jody Studdard
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 374 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date 17-Sep-2021
ISBN 979847805509 Buy this Book
Issue January 2022
Category Young Adult