A Teenage Suicide

Teenage Suicide, Don’t Do It By Ian Truman Amazon Digital Services, Inc., $3.99, 282 pages Connor is a jock — but no, he isn’t a jock. He’s a hardcore kid. But he’s still kind of a jock. He is just plain ol’ depressed. About to graduate high school, trying...

“War is about the people who fight it. When they fight together with the same belief, they form a single entity. That’s why heroes are never singular events; they are always followed, repeated, exceeded. I have hope because once the fire has started, it’ll stop at nothing until it takes over. I need to say no more. The game is on. We’ve made our choice. Everyone’s effort will count, every hope will open a possibility, and every pain we’ve suffered…will add to our strength.”

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“I hated what I was becoming and wanted to die.”

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Mystery at Snake River Bridge

Teens Investigate Murder and Scandal in a Small Town By Richard Uhlig, Jr. Wild Child Publishing, $3.99, 153 pages Near a small Kansas town, a car is found in the river under a bridge. The owner of the local newspaper hears the call on the police scanner and prepares...