A World Without Angels

What Is It Like In a World Without Angels? By Jamie Campbell Amazon Digital Services, $2.99, 313 pages The apocalypse is everywhere. Mankind is killing each other over cans of food and a place to sleep. Fires ravage every city across America. Otherworld creatures...

“The more familiar you become with the way things are, the more comfortable you will be.”

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Jump When Ready

Learn To Fly By David Pandolfe eBook, $2.99, 230 pages Mortality. Yikes: heavy stuff. The sort of heavy stuff that most of us don’t really want to think about because it’s scary and depressing and unpleasant, but also something heavy that’s utterly inevitable and part...

“By putting users and content owners in control of their data, Glide was also challenging illegal content sharing and the emerging data mining industry led by Google and Facebook. But the dangers associated with data mining were little understood by the general public at that time.”

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