creative close-upsBy Harold Davis
Wiley, $29.99, 240 pages

“How close can you go? That is the macro question.”

Digital photography is a relatively new medium, having exploded in popularity over the past ten years as digital cameras have plummeted in price while their features have grown and quality has improved.  There are unique challenges in taking successful digital photographs, even for veteran film buffs, and Harold Davis’ new book, Creative Close-Ups, is a practical guide for both the novice photographer and those more seasoned, offering tips and techniques for taking successful macro shots.

Harris’s book is gorgeous, packed with stunning photographs of close-up subjects, and gives the reader plenty of good advice for achieving the same results.  He discusses technical aspects like depth of field ratios and aperture, always in simple terms that won’t frighten away amateurs.  There are chapters on equipment, such as lenses and tripods, and sections devoted to popular subjects, like flowers and water drops.  Especially impressive are some of the author’s close-up shots of insects.

Creative Close-Ups is like a photography course for your bookshelf, and a perfect reference for anybody looking to improve their macro photo skills.

Reviewed by Mark Petruska