By Wendy Stehling
Tarcher, $7.95, 92 pages

Back in the 80’s, a phenomenal self-help, exercise book landed on the best seller list and remained there for over a year and with good reason. Well, that same book is back, new and improved, with updated and relevant advice for thinner thighs in thirty days. Thin Thighs in 30 Days was and is again, written and practiced by Wendy Stehling. She is 59 years old now but has the figure of one in her twenties or thirties. Her time-proven program is classic in its routine. While regimented and intense, it gets the desired results. Stehling stands by her three simple steps; The Work-Off, The Walk-Off and The Weight-Off to get any reader willing to follow her plan in better shape and health. This is not the program for weekend work-outers. Only 92 pages, this booklet includes detailed instructions of the two exercise programs, with pictures, the diet program, a basic schedule to follow for each week, a tape measure and a weekly diary for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced fitness buffs. Most of Stehling’s philosophy is common sense based, but she has added six new exercises that deftly convey her enthusiasm and confidence in her program. If you want thinner thighs and better health, here you go!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,