by Tracie Peterson

Bethany House, $14.99, 351 pages

Tracie Peterson uses the historic background of Texas in the 1800’s for her story Embers of Love. Tracie builds real life, emotion and character into her people and makes them come alive. She also brings nuggets of history into the story and you feel you understand the times and problems of that era.  Women of those times were not encouraged to go to school, but encouraged to stay home, marry and have families.

Our heroine; Debra loves her family and life in Texas but she wants to go to college and learn so she can help her family with their ever-growing logging business. Her college roommate becomes her best friend and their lives become intertwined as she comes home to Texas with Debra. Living in a small town with its problems and joys help both girls realize the far-reaching power of God’s faithful in their lives. The entire book has a thread of romance and the love of a family dedicated to each other. This is a thrilling and exciting book to read.

Reviewed by Mary Church